2018 Annual Fund Donors

Anne and Peter Allen*

Natalie and Will Alston*

Rhonda Anderson*


Kathryn and Darren Ash*

Atrium Health

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Sherrod Banks

Barbara Bascom

Elijah Beaty

Kim and Johnny Belk*

Sarah and Tim Belk*

Jennifer and Derrick Beveridge

Crandall and Erskine Bowles*

Dorian Brown

Sarah and Duncan Brown*

Ken Burton

Benny Butler

CBRE Charlotte Employees

Katie and Mark Caldwell

Tyron Campbell

Aubrey and Macon Carroll

Charlotte Knights Charities

Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Foundation

Natay Cherry

Dana and Errol Christian

Dana and Kevin Christmas

Ann B. Clark*

Laura and Nathan Clark*

Emily and Jarred Cochran*

Joseph Cochrane-Brown

Jordan and Walker Collier*

Collins Aerospace

Mary Ann and Oliver Cross*

Sarah and Bill Currens*

Elli Dai*

Jon Davis*

de Beaumont Foundation

Deltas of Charlotte Foundation

Neal Desai

Pontea Dixon

Duke Energy Foundation

Kelli and Steve Dunn

Lorine and Ray Edwards

Emily Elliott

Dan Estes*

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Foundation

Steven Gassaway

Neil Giardino

Shannon Grant*

John Gregory

Deidre and Clay Grubb*

Jane and Marc Gustafson*

Cammie and Barnes Hauptfuhrer*

Penny and Matt Hawkins*

Laura Hensler

Andre Hester*

Telitha and Cameron Hight

Ellen and Warren Holland

Kathy and Steve Horvath

Carlton Ingram

Curtis Ingram

Kelvhonda Jackson

Rosalyn and David Jacobs*

Adrian Johnson

Marcus Johnson

David Jones and Randall Morrow*

Dede and Steve Keckeis*

Katherine and Bill Kerr

Sara and Jon Kulbersh

Robert Lacey

Kelli and Pete Lash*

Patrick Leach

Ron Leeper*

Julie and Howard Levine*

Sandra and Leon Levine*

Holly and Hal Levinson

Lauren Lewis

Justin F. Little

Rashidah Lopez Morgan

Kathy and Todd Mansfield*

Jane and Hugh McColl, Jr.*

Matthew McCusker

Latrissa McMichael

Vanessa McMichael

Kiran Mehta

Messer Construction Foundation

Brian Middleton

Jada and Lionel Mock*

Sophia Montesdeoca

Lindsay and Scott Muns

Holly and Brian Natwick

Neighboring Concepts*

Dionne Nelson*

Novant Health*

Bryant Owens*

Kamal Patel*

Anne and Scott Perper*

Jacob Petkovich

Terri and Barry Pope*

PwC Charitable Foundation

Kevin Rich*

Rosalind and Jerry Richardson*

Jo and Mike Rizer*

Sally and Russell Robinson*

Ellen Rogers*

D. Edwin Rose

St Marks Methodist Church

Donna Savage

Anne and Robert Schleusner*

Philip Schneider

Julie and David Sheffer

Lynne and Morey Sheffer

Sarah and Allen Shifflet*

Liz and David Shuford*

Liz and Walker Simmons*

Andrea and Sean Smith*

Camilla and Will Smoak*

Nathan Spang

Jared Sokolsky

Steelfab, Inc.

Julia and Paul Steffens

Jenelle Taltoan

The Dickson Foundation

John Scott Trotter

Arthur Turner

United Way of Central Carolinas

Rob Vest*

Jonathan Watkins

David Webb and Molly Shaw*

Carita Weaver

Pamela Wideman*

Dioyonna Williams

Teresa and Richard “Stick” Williams*

Ellen and Scott Wilson*

Andrew Yavorski

William Zimmern


*Renaissance Circle Members; Individuals who have committed $1,000/year and up


Special thanks to those that donated to the Comprehensive Campaign 2013-2017, list of the donors here.