In the 2018 Annual Report, you will read about how RWCI is Building a Thriving Community.  You will read about Ms. Morris, a resident, who works hard with her RWCI Life Navigator for all 5 of her boys and, now, is a staff member for RWCI.   You will read about how many children and families RWCI has reached this past year through holistic wraparound services and programs with over 50 community partners.  Lastly, you will discover all the ways Renaissance West STEAM Academy and the Howard Levine Child Development Center are critical assets to the neighborhood as they begin a child’s journey to a healthy and happy life.

On behalf of RWCI, staff and partners, thank you! Your ongoing support allows us to meet these incredible milestones and sustain our work. Please enjoy our 2018 Annual Report.

If you would like a hardcopy, please email