Our Causes

  • Homes are the essence of a healthy, vibrant community. Many people living in concentrated poverty lack affordable, quality housing options. Our model of mixed-income housing offers the environments and amenities to help residents thrive by elevating the standard of living for the lowest-income residents, while providing affordable housing opportunities for residents in higher income brackets.

  • To keep our community thriving, your support helps us maintain access to primary care and health insurance for our residents, provide mental health support, and address food security disparities.

  • With our onsite childcare at the Howard Levine Child Development Center, Pre-K-8 STEAM Academy, and adult education programs, all elements are in place to help students increase their academic proficiency.

  • Rather than focus on a single component of community change, holistic initiatives like RWCI typically include mixed-income housing, radically improved cradle-to-career educational opportunities, youth and adult development programs, jobs and job training, health and wellness programs, transportation access and recreational opportunities.

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