Part of our journey to improve economic mobility and end intergenerational poverty includes partnering with best-in-class agencies to provide access to quality services and programs. Not only do the partnerships help residents progress toward self-sufficiency, but they offer community support. As we honor and highlight the extraordinary impact in Renaissance West and beyond, check out this simple list of chefs, coaches, and counselors we have the pleasure and privilege of working with through our purpose work. Let’s continue to emphasize the safe spaces that exist and cherish the courage of those fulfilling dreams.

Be Whole Counseling & Wellness

Be Whole Counseling & Wellness Services provides individual and family therapy to the residents at RWCI. Additionally, they offer and host mental wellness groups through Zoom for residents to discuss well-being and arrange ongoing consultation with RWCI staff as needed. Our collaboration has increased mental health awareness, education, and services to the community directly. Residents find the services useful and continue to receive the quality care necessary to address their mental health needs. As a result, families experience greater welfare and are empowered to engage with their community, reminding them that they are not alone.

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Eyrie Success

Raushawna Price, Founder of Eyrie Success and Coach, provides speaking and training services to support residents as they learn to change their mindset around finances and their life’s potential. Our partnership with Eyrie Success allows Renaissance West families to gain new and unique attitudes that adjust their financial literacy knowledge, wellness, and personal development. The direct impact of Eyrie Success is evident in the essence of the neighborhood and quite frankly, the Charlotte community. Providing such access is significantly rewarding as participants in the programs show promise by meeting their goals and sharing testimonies of impact and influence on their family’s lives.

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Leah & Louise

Greg and Subrina Collier’s influence shines bright in the city of Charlotte and the Renaissance neighborhood. Already taking the restaurant industry and Charlotte community by storm, the owners of The Yolk and now, Leah & Louise, a modern juke joint, are satisfying the hearts and bodies of many. If not innovatively serving universal cuisine to the city, they’re embodying extraordinary impact through service and philanthropy. Whether influencing the community at large or at an upcoming event like Renaissance Mentors: A Night of Extraordinary Impact, they collaboratively advance health and wellness for residents to cultivate a neighborhood of hope and connection.

Every service offered to residents in the Renaissance West neighborhood is essential. It’s not the service alone that makes a difference, but the defining moment to recognize the parallel between identity and experience of those offering the service.