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Hornets pledge $500,000 in literacy projects

 Russ Owens, WCNC 9:02 PM. EDT June 20, 2016

“My dedication and my drive is to continue to connect in the community,” said owner Michael Jordan. “With all the sponsors’ help we will continue to do that.”

“It’s a commitment and it’s something all of our employees enjoy doing,” said Hornets President and COO Fred Whitfield. “Our employees have been looking forward to this day all year.”

This time around, with the help of Lowe’s and Bank of America, the Hornets donated 12,000 books to several initiatives to build libraries throughout the area to make sure young children are reading.

“Many of them don’t have lots of books in the home,” said Executive Director of the Renaissance West Initiative Laura Clark. “This going to help with reading and increase educational outcomes for children.”

“They know they’re going to be leaving a lasting impression and today’s work is just a continuation of our work in the community,” said Whitfield.

Clark knows that this kind of impact couldn’t be made without days like this one.

“To have an organization like the Hornets come in and be a partner in that, it’s something we wouldn’t have been able to do without them.”

“We want to make sure these libraries will continue to be a place where kids can go learn how to read.”

The Hornets are making sure they’re truly a part of this community in every way possible.

“I am very proud of our commitment from the organization and from the different organizations we have connected with,” said Jordan.

“Our employees going out to work, and having smiles on their faces, really tells me how much this day means to them personally,” said Whitfield.

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