This week, we’re highlighting recent program graduate and new homeowner, Ashley Fields.

Ashley is the first graduate from the Family Self Sufficiency program to become a homeowner!

We’re so proud of Ashley and all she has accomplished here at RWCI.

Here’s Ashley’s story.

Ashley came to RWCI determined to find a way for her children to have a place of their own. She knew RWCI could provide positive opportunities for her and her children.

She met with her case worker, Marcus, and learned more about the Family Self-Sufficiency program. This five-year program is designed to help residents set financial, educational, and personal goals.

The Family Self-Sufficiency program is only one of many programs Ashley had available through RWCI.

Ashley qualified for affordable housing so she didn’t need to worry about where she and her children would live during this process. This was a huge relief and allowed Ashley to confidently move forward with career training and her job search.

With the help of Marcus, Ashley was also able to find a job. And, she also took advantage of multiple education opportunities available to both her and her children. On top of being enrolled in Renaissance West STEAM Academy (RWSA), her children were able to attend the Discovery Place Summer Camp.

When asked how Marcus helped her during her journey through FSS she stated, “He kept me informed of different programs for my kids as well as me.”

Ashley took advantage of the financial literacy classes offered by RWCI. She used the classes to learn how to manage and save her money. She worked hard and applied what she learned. Her hard work paid off. Ashley’s credit score went up by 200 points during her three years here at the Renaissance.  

By taking advantage of RWCI’s various programs such as childcare, career advice, education, and guidance, Ashley was able to confidently complete the five-year program with two years to spare.

Ashley stated “I told myself I didn’t need the whole five years.”

When asked what she got out of the FSS program, she stated “Being able to keep rent affordable to be able to save and pay off credit issues.”

Marcus also had positives things to say about Ashley, “She is a great participant of the FSS program and is a model for others. She has set the bar high!”

Ashley is now the proud owner of a home built by Habitat for Humanity.

Aside from the incredible feeling of home ownership, Ashly is excited that she and her children will have their own space in their new home. They will all have their own room and her children will have their own yard to play in every day.

“My kids are excited to have their own rooms. They are excited to be able to have sleepovers.”

Although we miss Ashley and her children here at the RWCI neighborhood, we are proud to be part of Ashley’s success story.

And we are proud that Ashley and her children will continue to learn, grow and thrive!