Sow Much Good has partnered with RWCI to bring a Farmer’s Market to The Renaissance throughout the summer. Sow Much Good offers fresh, local produce from their urban farm for sale at The Renaissance, as well as at other locations throughout the city. Their mission is to provide direct access to fresh, affordable food; educate and engage community residents to adopt healthy eating habits; and advocate for the right of every person to have real food security.  We are so grateful for their partnership and support.

In addition to hosting Farmer’s Markets at The Renaissance, Sow Much Good has brought Wells Fargo to RWCI as part of their Financial Wellness program; Wells Fargo assisted residents with financial planning while Sow Much Good staff helped with tax preparation.

Feel free to stop by the Farmer’s Market at the corner of West Boulevard and New Renaissance Way (near Billy Graham Parkway) Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm throughout the summer!